Former Merriam clerk Fabiola Cruz cleared of charges

Scripps Media 41 Action News, February 20, 2015, 5:26 PM

Former Merriam clerk Fabiola Cruz cleared of charges

Merriam, Kansas – A former Merriam court clerk once accused of stealing from the city has been cleared of those charges.

Fabiola Cruz settled with the city, and $12,000 of that settlement will go to a company called Reputation Defender. They work to clear the Internet of any stories, photos or mugshots in Cruz’s case that may be damaging to someone’s future.

Cruz’s troubles started back in 2011 when she was accused of stealing $100,000 from the Merriam Court Clerk’s Office. She had quit her job as lead court clerk the year before.

Cruz said when she started the job, she complained about the flawed system, which she said included record and financial discrepancies.

A statement from the Johnson County district attorney said the case was difficult to prove because of a lack of internal control and procedures in the clerk’s office.

Cruz is now looking forward to getting her life back on track and clearing not just her name.

“My name is Fabiola Cruz, my daughter’s name is Fabiola Cruz, and now my granddaughter’s name is Fabiola Cruz. This is not something that has hurt myself, but my family as well,” Cruz said.

Cruz is currently going back to school and working part time. She said she’s still unsure if she and her family will stay in the area considering everything they’ve gone through.

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