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Burn Injury Attorney Kansas City

Burn Injuries ▪ Power Line Electrocutions ▪ Auto Defects

Burns and electrocutions result from a variety of dangerous conditions. These injuries are horrific and can even be fatal. When a power company, business, or automobile manufacturer is responsible for creating these conditions, they should pay for your injuries. At The McCallister Law Firm, our attorneys will obtain the necessary compensation to pay for your medical bills and cover your lost wages. Negligence is at the center of every personal injury lawsuit involving a burn or electrocution. You must prove that a business’s negligence caused your injuries. In cases involving negligence, it is important to hire a team of lawyers familiar with law. The McCallister Law Firm, located in Kansas City, Missouri, represents people severely injured or killed in an industrial, workplace, or residential accidents.


Power companies have a responsibility for maintaining their power lines in a reasonably safe manner. Fallen power lines account for far too many deaths. Even if not killed by an electrical hazard, it can still seriously injure you. Power companies have a duty to warn people of possible dangers and maintain power lines properly. Contact one of our lawyers if you were electrocuted because of:

  • Exposed wire on a product or power line
  • Underground and buried cable you hit while digging
  • A downed power line from a storm or accident
  • Power lines too low and contacted by equipment

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries result from car accidents, chemical spills, broken gas pipelines, gas explosions, chemical explosions, and other accidents. No matter the cause, you deserve compensation to pay for your lost wages and medical bills. Our personal injury attorneys will find the negligent party, and hold them accountable for the injuries they caused. For more information about filing a personal injury lawsuit for a burn or electrocution, contact The McCallister Law Firm today. Call one of our lawyers at 816-492-2963 to learn how you can get help paying your medical bills.