News: Stolen-vehicle suspect flees police, hits, kills pedestrian

KANSAS CITY, MO – A stolen-vehicle suspect fled police and while fleeing the male driver hit and killed a pedestrian on E. Truman Rd. near I-435 on Wednesday afternoon.

According to KCTV5, police were pursuing a stolen-vehicle suspect in a black truck near Independence Ave. and Topping Ave. When the suspect entered northbound I-435 heading southbound, they were unable to safely pursue him further.

Less than a minuter after police stopped pursuing the suspect, a Kansas City Police Department officer reported the vehicle hit a pedestrian on E. Truman Rd. where I-435 passes over.

The pedestrian died at the scene.

Two people fled the stolen vehicle, including a female passenger and a male driver. The female passenger was apprehended and taking into custody. Police are still searching for the male driver.

Pedestrians are among our most vulnerable population on the road. When someone flees the crash scene it puts the hit pedestrian at higher risk of death as they need medical attention immediately. Did you lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident? Then, it’s important to seek out answers and justice. Our compassionate Kansas City pedestrian accident attorneys at McCallister Law Firm are able to aggressively fight for justice and answers on your behalf. Call us today at 816-931-2229 to discuss your case and options.

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