News: Crash in Wyandotte kills one pedestrian, hospitalizes one driver, damages three vehicles

WYANDOTTE, KS – A Columbus man was killed in a crash involving several vehicles that hospitalized one other driver in Wyandotte County on Sunday night, FOX 4 KC reports.

The accident occurred on Interstate 70 in the eastbound lane when a Honda Civic collided with a Ford Transit Van that was pulled over on the left shoulder.

The Honda struck the Ford in a way that caused the sliding door of the van to hit a pedestrian, the fatality victim 42-year-old Chris McClellan.

McClellan was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

A BMW X5 M also struck the door of the Ford during the incident, but no one in that vehicle was reportedly harmed.

The Honda’s driver was hospitalized, though the details of their injuries are unreported at this time.

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