News: Trailer carrying two horses crashes in Clinton, injuring driver and passenger

CLINTON, MO – Two people were seriously injured and two horses were rescued after a crash in Clinton caused a stock trailer to get stuck on an embankment on Wednesday.

KSHB reports that the accident took place one Southbound MO-13 close to Calvird Drive when a truck driven by 68-year-old Gary Shuey crossed the median and crashed.

Shuey, who is thought to have suffered a medical emergency prior to the crash, was stabilized at the scene before being taken to an area hospital. The truck’s passenger, 67-year-old Marilyn Shuey, was hospitalized with serious injuries.

The two horses in the trailer were given medical attention at the scene and reportedly received veterinarian services following the accident.

Responders were aided by a local horse trainer in the rescue and medical treatment of the horses.

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