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Failure to Diagnose

Compensation for Medical Malpractice Injuries

A doctor’s misdiagnosis and a complete failure to diagnosis a medical condition can seriously injure or kill you. Medical mistakes occur all too frequently in today’s healthcare industry. With pressure to see more patients in less time, doctors can make mistakes that have serious consequences. Based on credible national statistics, over 99,000 deaths occur in this country every year due to medical mistakes.

A Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose

What was once a treatable medical condition may now have become a serious illness because of a delayed diagnosis. When you go to the doctor, you expect to receive an appropriate medical treatment to alleviate your sickness. We represent people like you who suffer from injuries resulting from a doctor’s failure to diagnose:

  • Breast, lung, liver, bone, and other types of cancers
  • Blood clots, embolisms, and deep-vein thrombosis
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Hemorrhages and internal bleeding
  • Fractures

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are hurt through medical malpractice, you deserve the representation of a medical malpractice attorney who can get you money to cover you medical bills and lost wages. At The McCallister Law Firm, our lawyers have helped hundreds of families seriously injured by doctors’ errors. Our team will represent you during a medical malpractice lawsuit.

For information, or to speak to an attorney about your case, call us at 816-492-2963. If you have questions about your chances of recovery or your legal options, contact us today. Our team of personal injury attorneys will get you the money that you deserve for injuries suffered because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose.