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Medication Mistakes

Drug Interaction ▪ Drug Overdose ▪ Allergic Reaction

Your health is put in jeopardy all too frequently in today’s healthcare system because of drug dispensing errors. With so many drugs available, you face an increased likelihood of suffering injuries caused by prescription drugs. In attempts to cut costs, hospitals and clinics place doctors under greater pressure to see more patients, and that leads to even more mistakes.

If you suffered a serious injury because of a medication, contact The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Our attorneys represent people throughout Missouri injured because of healthcare system’s reliance on prescription drugs.

Injuries Suffered Because of Drug Dispensing Mistakes

When doctors and nurse practitioners fail to take the time with you, they place your health and safety on the line. When they do not spend the time carefully going over your chart and instructions to prescriptions, they threaten your health and life. Our medical malpractice lawyers have counseled clients about their legal options after suffering an illness or injury from drug dispensing errors such as:

  • Drug overdoses from taking too much of the same medication
  • Interactions between two different drugs taken at the same time, even if one is prescribed and one is over the counter
  • Failures to prescribe the correct types of drugs or a prescription miss fill
  • Allergic reactions from prescription drugs
  • Prescriptions to children not capable of handling drugs prescribed

Causes of Medication Mistakes

In order to obtain money for you, we must determine what happened and how it occurred. Most cases involving medication errors come down to proving negligence. Negligence occurs when a doctor fails to follow a certain standard of care in prescribing medications, and because of that failure, you suffered serious injuries.

For more information about filing a lawsuit for the injuries you suffered because of a drug dispensing error, contact The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Call one of our attorneys at 816-492-2963.