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Dedicated To Seeking Justice For Victims Of Surgical Errors

Going under the knife is supposed to fix medical issues, not create more of them. Unfortunately, at least 4,000 patients suffer surgical errors annually in the United States. An event like this can render a person seriously injured and/or permanently disfigured, and it can even be fatal. 

When surgical procedures go wrong, people across Missouri turn to The McCallister Law Firm, P.C. Attorney Brian McCallister’s extensive experience in cases of medical malpractice, combined with his unparalleled dedication to his clients, has allowed him to establish a formidable reputation and a successful track record.

Types Of Surgical Errors

Most surgical errors fall into one of the following categories:

  • The procedure was performed on the wrong patient.
  • The patient received the incorrect procedure.
  • The surgery was performed on the wrong site.
  • An anesthesia error was made.
  • A foreign object was left inside a patient’s body.
  • Surgery was performed in unsanitary conditions or with unsanitary surgical instruments.

Errors don’t always occur in the operating room – there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong before and after the procedure as well.

How Do Surgical Errors Happen?

Medical professionals, while highly skilled and trained, are human, too. Everyone messes up at work at some point, but mistakes in a medical setting come at an incredibly high cost to victims. Sometimes, surgical errors result from a perfect storm of miscommunication between multiple people on a medical team. At other times, a facility’s rules and procedures weren’t sufficient to protect a patient. Insufficient staffing, a fatigued workforce and pressure to get things done quickly can also be a recipe for disaster. An error can also occur when the surgeon doesn’t have sufficient education or training to perform the procedure.

How We Help Victims Of Surgical Errors

Our attorney, Brian McCallister, has dedicated himself to pursuing justice for victims of accidents and injuries, including victims of surgical errors and other types of medical malpractice, since 1988. During this more than 30-year effort, he’s grown to be highly knowledgeable in this area of the law and has established himself as a fixture of the local legal community. 

Attorney McCallister has received recognition for his professional excellence and his dedication to his clients. He doesn’t take on more cases than he can attend to personally and diligently. He has adopted this thoughtful approach to his work to protect his clients’ well-being and create the conditions for successful outcomes. He will always go the extra mile for the people he works with, providing them with frequent updates and high-quality communication.

Have You Suffered A Surgical Error? Talk To Our Attorney Today.

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