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Put An Effective Legal Advocate On Your Side After A Serious Bicycle Accident

Riding a bicycle is great exercise, good for the environment and fun. It’s little wonder that there has been an increased interest in riding in recent years. Unfortunately, traveling by bicycle in an urban or suburban environment is also dangerous. Riders can and should wear helmets and reflective clothing to protect themselves. But, although these safety precautions are important, they cannot account for the greatest danger: the negligence of drivers.

If you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, it is important to understand and exercise your legal options. That’s why you should contact The McCallister Law Firm, P.C. We’ve been advocating for personal injury victims since 1996, and we are very familiar with the devastating injuries that bicyclists often suffer. We will provide aggressive advocacy to help you to maximize compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Bicycle Accidents Are Becoming More Injurious And Deadly

It has always been an unfair match between bikes and automobiles. Cars are much bigger, heavier and faster than bicycles, and bikes don’t offer any external protection in the event of a crash. Unfortunately, things have gotten even worse in recent years, and such accidents are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries or death to bicyclists. This is due to:

  • The growing popularity of SUV ownership: Cars have become heavier and taller, which means that a vehicle can strike more of the bicyclist’s body and with more force.
  • Increasing speed limits in urban areas: There is a direct correlation between increased speeds and increasing fatality rates.
  • Driver distractions: These include cellphones, vehicle “infotainment” systems and other modern conveniences.

Throughout more than 30 years in practice, firm founder Brian McCallister has been advocating for victims of bicycle accidents as well as representing families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. He and the rest of our team will go the extra mile to help you in any way we can.

We Don’t Let Others Blame You For Your Own Injuries

The infrastructure in Kansas and Missouri was designed around motor vehicles, and that bias is also evident in the way bicyclists are treated. When filling out accident reports, for instance, police might only ask the driver what happened, or they may focus on ways in which the bicyclist may have been violating traffic laws.

This type of bias adds insult to injury and could jeopardize your claim. When you hire our firm, we work diligently to investigate the crash and gather all available evidence, including pictures and videos from traffic cameras, eyewitness statements and even the event data record (“black box”) from the vehicle that struck you. We will work to correct the police report, if necessary, and will fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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