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Automobile Defects

Accidents Caused by a Defective Car or Truck

People can do many things to prevent accidents from occurring, but they cannot prevent everything. No matter how carefully you drive, you are likely to be involved in a crash eventually. What most people do not count on is being involved in an accident caused or made worse by auto defects.

At The McCallister Law Firm, in Kansas City, Missouri, our car accident attorneys represent people injured by defectively designed and manufactured automobiles. We will obtain the money necessary for you to pay for your medical bills and compensate you for your lost wages, among other recoverable items such as pain and suffering, future medical needs, and other legal compensation.

Types of Auto Defects

Auto defects cause all sorts of problems on the roadways like rollovers, rear-end crashes, front-end collisions, and other types of accidents. Where a properly designed and manufactured car would have protected you, a car with an auto defect can cause serious injuries or even death.

Our attorneys represent people injured in an accident caused by, or made worse because of:

  • Airbags that fail to deploy or deployed prematurely
  • Seat belts that did not latch or restrain the occupant
  • A defect or blown-out tire causing an SUV rollover
  • Automobile companies failing to comply with an auto recall
  • Defective fuel pump, filter, and fuel tank placement
  • Deficient roof strength caused by poor design of the roof pillars

FAQs About Automobile Defects in Missouri

Many legal questions might be ringing in your head after an automobile accident. Here are some of the most common we hear:

How do you report an automobile defect in Missouri?

To report an automobile defect in Missouri, follow these steps:

  • Document the issue
  • Contact the manufacturer directly
  • Report the defect to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Inform the Missouri Department of Transportation
  • Provide detailed information to expedite the investigation

Promptly reporting the incident contributes to the overall advantage of outsourcing the necessary legal remedies for your personal injury claim case.

What evidence do you need to prove an auto defect in Missouri?

Proving an auto defect in Missouri requires thorough documentation. Essential evidence includes:

  • Vehicle information such as make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Maintenance records to provide evidence of routine maintenance, highlighting adherence to manufacturer recommendations
  • Clear photographs/video of detects captured from various angles to emphasize the issue’s severity
  • Repair invoices and receipts as proof of attempts to rectify the defect
  • Witness statements from individuals who witnessed the defect or experienced similar issues
  • Expert evaluations from qualified mechanics or experts to verify the defect’s existence and its impact on safety
  • Records of all the communication with the manufacturer, including correspondence and responses

A comprehensive evidence portfolio strengthens your case and increases the likelihood of a successful resolution.

Am I at fault for an auto defect?

Auto defects are not something that any consumer can control. An auto defect is some part of the vehicle that was designed badly, made badly or installed badly.

Compensation For Injuries Caused by Auto Defects

In order to recover money to pay for your medical bills, you must prove that the defendant had a hand in designing, manufacturing, distributing, or repairing your car. If proven, these parties are liable for your injuries even if they lacked the intent to injure you.

To learn more about recovering money for injuries you suffered because of auto defects, contact The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Speak to one of our personal injury lawyers today by calling us at 816-492-2963.