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A Law Firm Protecting The Rights Of Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riding is both enjoyable and fuel-efficient, which are two reasons why it remains a popular way to get around in the Kansas City metro area. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can also be dangerous. The vehicles move as quickly as cars but offer none of the external crash protections.

Bikers accept these risks, and many ride defensively, but that’s not always enough to protect them from the poor decisions of others on the road. If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident or lost someone you love, contact The McCallister Law Firm, P.C., to learn how we can help you seek justice and compensation. We have been fighting for injury victims since 1996. Our founding attorney has more than three decades of legal experience and a strong track record of success both in and out of the courtroom.

Other Drivers Are Typically To Blame For Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle accidents can have many causes and contributing factors. In two-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles, drivers of larger vehicles are often to blame. Common causes include:

  • Making left turns across oncoming traffic, driving directly into the path of an approaching motorcyclist
  • Tailgating
  • Stopping or slowing suddenly when a motorcyclist is following, forcing a rear-end collision
  • Road debris and fluids that fall off/out of larger vehicles and under the wheels of motorcyclists
  • Passing too closely without leaving an adequate buffer
  • Simply failing to notice motorcyclists because drivers are not keeping an eye out for them

No matter how you were injured, we will fully investigate the cause of your accident and help you build a compelling case against the at-fault driver.

Overcoming Bias And Prejudice That Could Hurt Your Claim

Most motorcyclists are very safety conscious and take all reasonable precautions to protect themselves. Despite this, there are lingering stereotypes about “reckless bikers” that can negatively influence a jury or insurance adjuster. We know this bias is unfair and undeserved, and we are especially diligent in our efforts to prove that the other drivers were to blame, not our clients. We will do the same for you.

Reach Out Today To Learn How We Can Help You

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