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Industrial Equipment Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Construction Site Equipment and Work Related Equipment Injuries

Industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites, by their very nature, are dangerous places to work. Both the state and federal government enacted scores of laws and regulations to protect workers from injuries. No matter how careful you are at work, injuries still happen. These injuries are costly and may force you to take time off from work.

If you suffered a serious work injury caused by industrial equipment, contact an attorney of The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Our team of skilled lawyers represents workers throughout Missouri, Kansas and Iowa.

Prompt Investigation of a Work Injury Caused by Defective Equipment

At the heart of every personal injury lawsuit is proving who was negligent. When a business owner, manufacturer, or supplier provides you with a defective or unreasonably dangerous product to work with, the manufacturer or seller of the equipment should pay for your injuries. In order to prove negligence, you need to hire an attorney very quickly after your accident to begin an investigation. It is important to preserve evidence and interview witnesses as soon as possible, which we will do immediately through our investigators and other professionals.

You need an attorney who will get you money to pay for your expensive medical bills and cover your lost wages. Our attorneys represent people injured in a work injury caused by:

  • Collisions with a forklift, truck, or automobile
  • Falls from scaffolding, a ladder, and a shelf
  • An electrocution from an exposed wire on a tool
  • An equipment failure and defect
  • Dangerous power tool like a nail gun and punch press

Work Injury Litigation

In order to obtain compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, you must contact an attorney immediately. If you cannot collect evidence and document statements early on, you may be unable to do so later. Our team of lawyers has the necessary resources and connections to conduct a thorough investigation of your accident quickly.

For more information about how to recover for your injuries, contact an attorney of The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. If you have questions, call us at 816-492-2963.