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Police Abuses

The vast majority of police officers do an admirable job under very difficult circumstances. But sadly, there are those who abuse their power and abuse your rights in the process. So what do you do when “the authorities” are the ones violating your rights or breaking the law? Call the attorneys at The McCallister Law Firm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Police Abuses

Police abuse is an unfortunate vice that undermines trust in law enforcement and violates the rights and dignity of individuals, not to mention the emotional and psychological trauma it inflicts, often leaving lasting scars on victims and communities alike. Here are some of the questions we frequently receive regarding police abuses, answered by our experienced legal team.

How common is police violence?

Police violence occurs at an alarming rate across the United States. For instance, it accounted for 17% of all homicide cases in the Mountain states and over 5% across the Middle Atlantic states. 10% of all rural homicides can be attributed to the police, and up to 7% of homicides occur in metropolitan areas. In other words, police violence is far more widespread than most people realize.

What are the risk factors that make someone susceptible to police violence?

Certain demographics face a significantly higher risk of police violence. Research indicates that Black men are 3.2 to 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police compared to white men, while Latino men face a risk of 1.4 to 1.7 times higher than white men.

Other factors, such as social and economic status, as well as mental health conditions, also contribute to the susceptibility to police violence. Marginalized communities facing poverty or homelessness may be disproportionately targeted, while individuals with mental health issues often encounter escalated use of force due to inadequate officer training and resources.

What does the “use of excessive force” mean?

When police use more force than is reasonably necessary to control a situation or subdue a suspect, it constitutes the use of excessive force. This can include physical violence, such as hitting, kicking or choking, as well as the use of tasers, pepper spray or firearms when not warranted by the circumstances. This violates an individual’s constitutional rights and can cause severe physical and psychological harm, even death.

We’ll stand up for you and aggressively champion your rights against police abuse, corruption and brutality. No one deserves mistreatment by police officers. They cannot use excessive force when making arrests of people or arrest and prosecute innocent citizens. If you have been victimized due to excessive force used by police, wrongful arrest, had wrongful convictions or other civil rights violations, contact or call one of our attorneys at 816-492-2963 and we’ll hold the lawmen to the letter of the law.

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