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Were You Seriously Injured By A Faulty Consumer Product?

In order to save on costs associated with designing and manufacturing products, manufacturers and businesses may place profits before product safety. If a defective or dangerous product has hurt you or killed someone you love, you deserve to seek compensation with the help of a skilled attorney. In Kansas City and the surrounding areas in Missouri and Kansas, you can find the help you need by contacting The McCallister Law Firm, P.C.

Since 1996, we have obtained verdicts and monetary settlements for countless people injured due to improper labeling, manufacturing and design defects, and failures to warn about dangers inherent with products. Our founding attorney brings more than 30 years of experience to each case and client, and he provides personalized attention and dedicated service.

Obtaining Money For Dangerous Product Injuries

Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer serious injuries every year from dangerous products that should not have been sold to consumers due to defective or dangerous conditions. When selling products to consumers, businesses must either ensure that these products are reasonably safe or provide adequate warning of inherent dangers.

Cases involving injuries from dangerous products – also called product liability claims – involve complicated legal arguments and design concepts. Given the potential liability, businesses vigorously defend against such cases. Our lead attorney possesses the experience and professional contacts necessary to take on these complex cases.

What Makes A Product Defective And Dangerous?

There are three types of problems commonly cited in product liability lawsuits. A product can suffer from defective design or an issue with the manufacturing process. Consumers can also be harmed if the product manufacturer/retailer fails to include adequate usage directions and warnings about the inherent dangers of the product.

Some examples of injuries and accidents caused by defective and dangerous products include the following situations:

  • A child was severely burned by a defective deep fryer that failed to disconnect properly from the electrical cord and overturned on the child.
  • A forklift operator was seriously injured when the forklift’s emergency brake failed to stop the machine before it ran over him.
  • Several teenagers were injured and killed when an automobile marketed to teenagers rolled over while making a turn.
  • Firefighters nearly died trapped inside a burning house because they could not make radio contact with their battalion due to their faulty hand-held radios.
  • People have been killed and seriously injured due to automotive defects, such as excessive roof crushing; faulty seat belts and shoulder harnesses that failed to keep them inside the vehicles during crashes or rollovers; and poorly or cheaply constructed seats and seat backs.
  • Hunters have been injured in falls from defective deer stands and deer stand ladders.

There are countless other examples of defective product claims, but nearly all tend to stem from the three core issues mentioned above. If you’ve been harmed, then we may be able to help you seek compensation from numerous liable parties, including the manufacturer, the retailer/distributer and the insurance company representing the other at-fault parties.

Talk To A Product Liability Lawyer For Free

A dangerous product can change your life in an instant or end the life of someone you love. No amount of money can undo the harm you’ve suffered, but compensation is nonetheless necessary to pay for things like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

To learn how we at The McCallister Law Firm can help you seek accountability and justice, contact our office in Kansas City, Missouri, for a free initial consultation. You can reach us online or call 816-492-2963.