Civil Rights Attorney Witchita, Kansas

Standing Up for Your Civil Rights

Despite the legal protections provided by federal laws, violations of people’s civil rights occur every day, resulting in cases police misconduct.

At The McCallister Law Firm, located in Kansas City, Missouri, our attorneys represent people whose civil rights were violated. Our attorneys concentrate on fighting against police abuse and misconduct.

Fighting Against Abusive Police Officers

You do not deserve mistreatment by police officers no matter what you have done. They cannot use excessive force when making arrests of people or arrest and prosecute innocent citizens. Over the years, our law firm has handled many of these types of cases. They are unique and they are difficult because law enforcement officers have built-in protections – called immunity – that make these cases challenging. Taking on the police takes a special, knowledgeable team of legal professionals that know how to deal with these types of cases. When law enforcement officers abuse their power, the average citizen can have their life turned upside-down. You need someone fighting for you who recognizes each and every possible landmine in your police misconduct case.

If you have been subject to police brutality or mistreatment, contact one of our attorneys. We will stand up and fight against abusive police practices.

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