Premises Liability Attorney Kansas City

Injuries Suffered on Negligently Maintained Property

When you slip, fall or trip on an uneven surface at a supermarket, are hurt by falling merchandise in a retail store, or are injured in a railroad crossing incident, you deserve monetary compensation to pay for your medical expenses, cover your lost wages, and pay other legally recoverable damages. Property owners who fail to keep their property safe for customers can be held liable for injuries caused through slips and falls, railroad crossing accidents, inadequate security, and falling objects.

At The McCallister Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys obtain money damages for people hurt on other people’s property. Premises liability refers to situations when a property owner is liable for injuries you suffered on their negligently-kept property. Our firm is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and represents people throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas.

Types of Premises Liability Accidents

There are a variety of ways people can be injured on another’s property. Our attorneys have successfully litigated and negotiated settlements for a variety of premises liability accidents. We represent people in lawsuits against:

  • Retail stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Offices buildings
  • Cities and counties
  • Private individuals
  • Railroads

Serious Personal Injuries

What may seem like a simple accident at first may result in serious long term injuries. Accidents, especially those involving the elderly and children, can cause permanent pain and suffering. You deserve money to compensate you for a slip and fall and other accidents causing:

  • Herniated or ruptured disks
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Scars and disfigurements
  • Sprains and bruises
  • Spinal cord and brain injuries
  • Worsening of a pre-existing medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or other debilitating disease

It is important to protect and document the evidence in a premises liability case before it disappears. In order to speak to an attorney about your case, contact The McCallister Law Firm today. If you have questions, call us at 816.931.2229.