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Improper Maintenance

Accidents Caused by Improper Truck Maintenance

Before any truck goes on the road, a trucking company and a truck driver have a duty to ensure that it is in proper working order. A semi-truck racks up tens of thousands of miles every year, and many things routinely go wrong with the vehicle. When trucking companies fail to maintain the brakes, steering mechanisms, defrost blowers, lights and other important parts of the truck, you and your family’s safety are in serious jeopardy.

When you are hurt in a truck accident caused by improper truck maintenance, contact an attorney of The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. We represent people throughout Missouri and Kansas hurt in accidents along I-35, I-70, I-435, I-64, I-40, I-270, I-55, I-44, I-170, and U.S. Highways 169, 50, and 71.

Improper Maintenance Issues

Given the amount of miles that trucks travel every year, it is not surprising that mechanical problems like brake failure and shredded tires frequently occur. That is why trucking companies and drivers must diligently inspect trucks and perform routine truck maintenance before they go out on the road and before they begin driving on any trip. Simple problems like bad windshield wipers could easily become a serious problem. Visit our trucking company accident practice center to learn more.

Your safety should not be in jeopardy because of a driver’s careless inspection of a truck. After each stop, a semi-truck driver needs to make a quick inspection of the mechanics of the vehicle. A simple walk around inspection of the truck could catch potentially deadly problems such as a truck’s defective fifth wheel, defective lights or other safety options. In order to save time and make delivery times shorter, drivers often skip this simple step. Our lawyers will hold the negligent parties accountable for their conduct, and get you compensation for your injuries. Big companies understand money.

Determining the Cause of the Accident

In order to recover damages, you need to find out who was at fault. Many things may have caused your accident, including improper truck maintenance, a reckless driver, driver fatigue, or a careless vehicle inspection. A trucking company has a duty to hire qualified and competent drivers to haul their freight. They have a duty to ensure that drivers follow all safety regulations. When they learn of a mechanical problem with a truck, they have a duty to fix it.

If you have been hurt by a trucking accident caused by improper truck maintenance, contact The McCallister Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers today by calling 816-492-2963.